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Welcome to Madison Campus Elementary

At Madison Campus Elementary, we strive to uphold our vision of "Successfully educating today's child with eternal principles and academic excellence." Our dedicated faculty and staff are wholeheartedly committed to our mission, which revolves around "Magnifying God, Cultivating disciples, and Excelling academically."

Rooted in a Christ-centered approach, our school has a rich history dating back to 1906 when it was established under the visionary inspiration of Ellen White. Situated northeast of Nashville, Tennessee, on a scenic bend of the Cumberland River, we cater to students from Pre-K to 8th grade. Madison Campus Elementary is proudly owned by the Madison Campus Church and the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, ensuring a nurturing and supportive educational environment.

Magnify God, Cultivate Disciples, and Excel Academically

Live Healthfully

Our campus includes 6 beautiful acres, allowing our students to utilize the outdoors for play and recreational education. We provide a quality Christian education with caring teachers and staff who create a safe and positive learning environment for each child. Our desire is to prepare our students for a bright future. 

Develop Wisdom

Madison Campus Elementary offers a spiritually oriented education with a Bible-based curriculum. Our school is accredited by multiple state and national associations. We utilize the educational standards put forth by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists as our springboard into cross-curricular, meaningful learning. To monitor students’ progress we test them three times each year using NWEA’s MAP Growth testing.  

Care for Others 

Our certified teachers strive to create an engaging and stimulating learning environment for our students. We utilize technology to enhance instruction where appropriate, such as Chromebooks, Google Classroom, as well as various educational apps. Our goal is to reach each learner where they are, through differentiated education, moving them forward towards their fullest potential.

Know God

Students at Madison Campus Elementary will receive a foundation in their Christian walk through our discipleship and weekly chapel programs. Teachers have class worship every morning. MCE holds a special week of prayer program twice each year. All of our curriculum is interwoven with Bible history, art and culture with Jesus as the focus!  

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