8th Grade Service Projects

Every 9 weeks, 8th grade participates in at least one community service project. We volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank the first nine weeks to help fight hunger. We helped sort food which will be used to feed the hungry. The 2nd 9 weeks we went to multiple places as a part of our Random Acts of Kindness Bible Unit. The 8th class was split up to go out into the community to make an impact. We visited Ronald McDonald House and served a meal to the residence. We visited Sleepy Hollow Farm and helped with demolition work as well as love on the animals. We visited Exceptional Minds Learning Center where students interacted with the children by reading, playing and being clients for our future beauticians ;) We made prayer fleece blankets before visiting the nursing home on campus. There we visited with the residence, served ice cream and raffled off the blankets made. 3rd and 4th 9 weeks projects are in the planning process. These projects can change every year depending on student's interests and community needs. I encourage student's opinions on where we should help so the students feel ownership in these projects. We are anxiously awaiting our next project.