MCE Pine Car

Pine Car Derby-

Once a year MCE holds a fundraiser that brings in money to help support improvements to our school that are not included in our yearly budget. Students raise money by sending out letters and email to friends and families asking for donations to help support our school.  We have raised over $480,000 to bring technology into the classroom, upgrade our playground, create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) room, and provide school safety. This year we are hoping to raise $50,000. The money will go towards funding our Auxiliary programs including art, music, library, and the athletic department.

Our goal this year is to raise $50,000.  Every child has a goal to raise $250.  If you would like to help a child raise their fundraising goal, or give to support our Auxiliary programs please click on the Donate now button below, and put the child’s name that you are sponsoring in the student name box.  


All donations are tax deductible and we will mail you a receipt.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 615-865-4575.  



This year we are all dreaming of an outdoor pavilion for classes, picnics, concerts and other fun events. We see this as a great addition to our campus for Madison Academy, Madison Campus Elementary and Madison Campus Church.
Consider making a donation, no matter the amount to help us reach our goal of $210,000 as this is the estimated cost of the pavilion.

Covid-19 Donations

MCE is committed to keeping our students and staff safe during these questionable times. Administration has begun to make updates and changes to our classrooms and school. We look to extra funds through donations to continue to make improvements. We have installed hand sanitizer stations, touchless paper towel and soap dispensers. Our goal is to add Air Purification Systems, Water Bottle Refill Stations, Chromebook, iPad's and Swivl video data capture stations to maximize our online learning. Click the link to make your donation today.

Education Fund

Education Fund-

Madison Campus Elementary was founded in 1906 with the belief that MCE exists primarily to instill in its students the message of Christ and a desire to develop the character of God in our youth.  We seek to bring students closer to God while providing an excellent education. Our Education Fund has been set up to help offset the cost of tuition for families with students in Pre-K thru 8th grade. If you would like to contribute towards this fund and help a student attend MCE, please donate to the Education Fund below. We appreciate your thoughtful giving and dedication to our students.

Capital Improvement

Capital Improvement-

In spring of 2003 MCE began a Capital Improvement fundraiser to expand our current building from 8 to 18 classrooms including a gymnasium. By that December our students and staff were able to enjoy then new addition. Due to the donations received we currently have dedicated Art, Music, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Technology rooms as well as a full Library. Fundraising efforts and donations to our Capital Improvement program continues to help us grow and improve our school building and campus. Some areas that need improvements are our bathrooms, cafeteria and kitchen along with the entrance to our school. Please consider making a donation and helping improve our campus.